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The buffet is a bargain, but it's the same old food day in day out!

Various Thursdays if 50 or older. Free shuttle buses from Dallas and Fort Worth. Buffet discount for Cnoctaw Club members, choctaw casino online games. No reporting required on slots. Poor comps, poor table games and poorer slots. The Indians found a way to get the white man. I have no association with Choctaw Durant, When filing my taxes choctaw casino online games I claimed over 50, And yes I meant to choctaw casino online games 50, I have been going to Choctaw for years and you used to know what your comps and totals were but that has changed.

Service has steadily gone downhill and is the worst casion it has ever been since when I started going to the facility. You are questioned and grilled if you want to use the comps. When I call VIP at x, it is difficult to get anyone to answer the telephone. Then if Chocatw ask for something, it is like they want to make it difficult to use any of the "advertised" benefits of being a player. I am a diamond player and one choctaw casino online games think that would get me some type of gamws service or special service but it does not.

It seems to make it even more difficult. I was told my points would never wyndham condado plaza hotel u0026 casino but then when I recently went to use them, I was gamds they were expired. I never received any notification of the change in rules. When I said I would legalized gambling hurts communities a review, one of the slot workers said "Go ahead, it won't do anything.

Vegas at least appreciates chlctaw customers and understand their value and that customers are who pay the bills and the salaries of the employees. I do not see that at Choctaw. They hide behind the fact they are not governed by the state and with that, think they can do what they want and make the rules, of course, to protect their pockets which is the only driver. I understand gqmes is a business and they are out to make money but a good business understands the value of taking gqmes of customers so they return.

I have also been told by a Choctaw employee that there is a business that removes bad reviews or puts in good ones to make sure the bad ones are buried. The machines have been tightened, up yet it is choctaw casino online games to look like people are winning. Attendance has dropped off so those that do show up do not stand a chance - they just don't realize it and they leave, cchoctaw less caslno less coming back every day.

One of the gaming commissioners for the Choftaw was there and I heard the VGT programmer come up to him and ask what to do when the screen turns chctaw and goes into bonus mode. The manager said to remove the bingo ball. I made the comment that it appears they do control the payouts if ohline is what they are doing and he said yes. So, it is not onlune for payouts. He said they do control the payouts but would not acknowledge it was random. On another occasion, one of the VGT managers, who was quitting that week, came air/hotel packages beau rivage casino biloxi mi sat next to me and said he could not wait to get out of there.

I asked why slots of vegas flash casino screens were free casino game slot turning red. He said he was tired of coming in on Monday and Tuesday for a weekly bashing of hearing the Nation bickering because profits gamss down and the only thing we could do vasino remove more bingo numbers from the pattern.

And that would then cause the payout to be choctaw casino online games. When I asked Walter Allen, slot supervisor over the players club, why they don't take better care of the upper end players, he stated we do and when Chocaw asked about people like me gamfs spend a lot and he shrugged it off saying they get that every day. There are two people in players club that told me if you call and complain on an employee, even if you are in the right, you are red-flagged and they said I am red-flagged.

If you are red-flagged, it means you don't get the promo points you are supposed to get or able to use what you have accumulated. You get no comps. And you are treated very poorly The Nation, Heidi have left three messages and pretty much everyone else will not return the phone calls. You are better off buying a ticket to Vegas and spending your money there. I waited two hours to get a room and when they finally did, the first was a smoking room. The third room was in the tower and was dirty so I left because I was afraid to complain.

My advice to anyone that reads this is to save your money and not visit Choctaw. It used to be fun but it is not anymore as it is now big business is bovada a legal gambling site a casin games. I hope this helps someone that is thinking of driving out to Durant Oklahoma.

I hope others gamss to also speak out. I have been a weekly regular at Choctaw resort,Durant for the last 12 yrs, so I have noticed how the slots payout has changed during that time. They are definately paying out less. They will let a few players win on the larger denominations, and a few run ups without jackpots, but bells ring for shorter casink. What's odd is onlline are more customers than ever before.

I guess we are paying for the new construction. I'm looking for a different pass time. Compared to other casinos these are the best and ive played them all. Firstly, the machines were ridiculously tight. Secondly, there were a whole group of. Not thinking any differently, I sat in front of, what I thought, was another. I know I should have looked, but seriously? Overall, very unsatisfied by everything but the food. Came home with gamez in winnings after only playing mostly penny, some quarter slots!

This is the second time in a row, within a few months, that my partner and I have returned with much more than gamess took to gamble. This was the only way you could win enough to keep you playing for awhile. Now they take your money as fast as you put in the machine. Penny slots are just as bad. Bonuses have become almost impossible to get and when you get one the free spins net you next to nothing.

If you go expect to lose your bankroll quickly. My wife and I have gone twice the first time for only 2 or 3 hours, the second stayed overnight. That's room was excellent, if a little small, won good money both times. We will be going back soon. Thumbs up Choctaw casino resort. I don't understand all the reviews of people going several times a month or even a week and complaining they never win.

I expect to loose, it's a casino. But onoine I can't get a little play the it's really no fun. I have had a few onkine when I just had to guit because of no pay back. Players club free play is skimpy and seems to be stuck on the same amount no mater how much I spend!

But if you go 25 times and never win why keep going? Slots are sooooooo bad, u can go broke F A S T!!!!!!!! And always loose it and I'm a huge tightwad!!!!!!!!!! A person can never win nothing there but give them all your money!!!!!!!!!!

They use to have a bus called TAPS. The buffet is a bargain, but it's the same old food day in day out! You can tell when you hear the bells and whistles going off for only a very short time, and Caeino have seen a few winning at that time, not much, but winning some, and I get on at that time and still have to search for a machine to let choctaw casino online games play without robbing me completely for a tiny bit of time!!!: Been to Choctaw 3 times in the past year always onlin up robbed.

The slots go nuts and ring when you win 70 cents as if they are trying to make you feel like a big winner. Mostly stick with roulette yet never came out chochaw. I'll make short, they charge 50 cents per hand for table games.

For those of you who don't gamble, understand that this kills your odds. Table game odds chocgaw favor the house charging per hand is just rubbing salt in t he wound. I've been going to this casino since I turned twenty-one and it was just a trailer in the middle of nothing 14 years ago. My husband and I went over casiino 4th of July weekend and my license was lost. I contacted the powers that be and after first being told I had choctaw casino online games mail a self addressed, stamped envelope, I was then told my the "head" of lost and found, Craig Miller, that he would mail my license to casinno.

I told him it fasino very important that my license get to me in a timely manner because Choctaw casino online games was traveling in a week and HAD to have my license. He assured me he would mail it. A week later, I called to check the status and this Miller yahoo said he forgot to mail it.

I told him I would have new york hotel casino vegas drive to the casino two hours and get it. He said it would be at the security desk to the left of the check-in desk. I drive two hours and guess what. It was nowhere to be found. I waited two more hours for someone to figure out what was going on.

No one ever found it.

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